I Am

from by Uplifting Earth

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This track is pretty much the spirit of Uplifting Earth. This is the last track I wrote lyrics for but I knew it was going to be the first track on the release. I was struggling to find lyrics and on the day before the release I fell into a very strange state. I opened my mouth and all these words started coming out. The entire writing process was unequivocally sudden. Shout out to Nahko for the crystal bullet line which is my favorite lyric of his. These words are a part of my soul. This track uses the solfeggio frequency 639.


I believe in where i am

Were taking it over and healing the planet
Protecting the water and growing organic
Sustainable living, the world we embrace
Reducing reusing emissions and waste

Learning our lessons no matter the challenge
Were conquering obstacles, learning the balance
Not cause and effect but what happens inside
Few vs many the classes collide

The paradigm changing, the empire's falling
Our charkas are sparking, aquarius calling
Were working together, a new day is dawning
Were building in numbers our mindset is sprawling

We shoot crystal bullets, we hitting them wicked
Were throwing our charakas, our spirits stay lifted
We wont take the bullshit, this life is a lease
Solving the arguments, keeping the peace

Accessing frequencies, focus our mind
Intentional movement, uplifting man kind
Thrid eye on horizon, the futures in sight
Curating vibrations and spreading the light

The manifestations are happening faster
I'm learning myself and becoming the master
I'm bringing this to you as it was to me
Sharing the knowing and setting us free

i believe in where i am


from I Am, released June 4, 2017
Crystal bullet line - Nahko



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